AIRYD NDT Services Ltd. was created in 2014 to provide an affordable specialized maintenance service to meet the demands of a growing, fast paced mining and forestry industry. We strive to accommodate our clients and employees through customer service, safety and reliability. Our work is critical to the integrity and safety of our client operations. We are certified in ultrasound, magnetic particle and liquid penetrant. We also have a certified millwright/CAT 2 tech that can complete vibration analysis, balancing and laser alignments.

Branded Airyd NDT vehicle


It is our goal at AIRYD NDT to achieve a safe and healthy work place that is free from injury and illness. We believe all accidents are preventable and that leadership is required for the success in safety. We are committed to the health and well-being of all our employees and we strive to achieve an incident free workplace. No job is so important that it will be pursued at the sacrifice of safety. In our commitment to achieving our health and safety goals, we will:

  • Dedicate the appropriate time, energy and resources to making safety an everyday part of what we do.
  • Report all safety hazards, injuries and incidents including near misses and first aid cases.
  • Challenge any request to perform work that is unsafe, actively participate in creating a culture that embraces safety.
  • Provide ongoing training and information to enable all of our employees to work safely and effectively.
  • Comply with applicable regulations, laws and international guidelines.
  • Promote health and safety in all aspects of our work.
  • Locally owned, AIRYD NDT provides services to the north coast, peace region, central and caribou interior. We travel with a reliable fully equipped vehicle. We strive to save the customer money by offering shared travel expenses when there are two or more projects in an area.