AIRYD NDT offers the full range of testing and inspections in non destructive testing methods. We follow industry and governing standards for equipment testing including stability testing and structural inspections.


In compliance with the BC occupational health and safety regulation Section 4.8(2)(a), the results of all stability tests must be presented in a document that has been certified by a Professional Engineer. Our Engineer works directly with us and has over 20 years of experience in lifting equipment, cranes, aerial devices, failure / accident investigation & professional consulting.

All truck mounted cranes sold in North America must meet the requirements of at least one of the following standards; CSA Z150 Safety Code on Mobile Cranes, ASME B30.5 Mobile Cranes or ASME B30.22 Articulating Boom Cranes.

It is a requirement of all of these standards that a truck-mounted crane be stability tested according to SAE J765 Crane Load Stability Test Code. Other lifting devices such as aerial devices and man-lifts also require stability tests in compliance with the governing CSA or ANSI standards.

The primary factors that determine stability are weight and dimensions of the truck, rigidity of the truck's suspension, the dimensions and locations of any outriggers/stabilizers and the mounting location of the crane itself. Insufficient or improper design of the crane mounting, including the torsional rigidity of the sub-frame, may also negatively affect the stability of a truck mounted crane.

  • CSA B354.4 (Self Propelled-Boom Supported Elevating Work Platforms)
  • CSA C225 (Vehicle Mounted Aerial Devices)
  • Work Safe BC (Part 13:23)
  • BC Mines Safety Code Part 4.5.1
  • CWB W59 (Welded Steel Construction)
  • CSA Z150 (Safety Code on Mobile Cranes)
  • ASME B30.22 (Articulating Boom Cranes)
  • Work Safe BC (Part 14: Cranes & Hoists)
  • BC Mines Safety Code Part 4.18
  • “Telehandlers” WSBC 16.3(7) & ANSI B56.6

AIRYD NDT also inspects and certifies:

  • Man lifts (Bucket trucks , Scissor lifts)
  • Telehandlers
  • Concrete Pumper trucks
  • Cranes:
    • Mobile crane
    • Truck mounted Cranes:
      • Conventional cranes
      • Bridge, Gantry, monorail, jib cranes
      • Auto hoists
      • Fire trucks

We can also develop load charts for non-standard outrigger configurations e.g. mid-span or zero-span charts.

  • heavy equipment
  • heavy equipment
  • skid steer
  • giant dump truck for mining
  • large industrial fan or blade
  • heavy machinery
  • industrial equipment
  • huge scoop for heavy machinery
  • industrial machinery
  • heavy equipment at indutrial building
  • man lift
  • small crane
  • man lift
  • cranes in a shop yard
  • man lift
  • large fork lift
  • small crane
  • crane
  • crane
  • heavy equipment
  • man lift
  • heavy machinery
  • crane
  • large gear
  • multipule man lifts parked in a row
  • large crane
  • heavy machinery
  • heavy machinery
  • large crane
  • pressurized tank
  • crane
  • heavy equipment


A structural inspection involves the inspection for fatigue of the weldments as well as an overall inspection of all critical/load-bearing members of the equipment. We typically use magnetic particle and visual methods to inspect the equipment. A qualified employee completes the inspection with both CGSB certifications for non-destructive examination.

We can give you the accurate component reliability by using Non destructive testing techniques We inspect all types of steel componentry including:

  • Fork lifts
  • Loaders
  • Shovels
  • Haul trucks
  • Excavators
  • Drills
  • Bull Gears
  • Band mill wheels
  • ID Fans
  • Chippers
  • Structures, buildings
  • Bridge framings


Have the safety of your equipment tested with AIRYD NDT SERVICE’S Dielectric Testing. Dielectric testing is a simple, non-destructive method of testing and verifying the adequacy of high voltage to a device in order to determine the status of its electrical insulation. A dielectric test from AIRYD NDT can verify the performance headroom of the insulation, ensuring that the insulation will not fail because of insulation degradation from aging, moisture, wear due to vibration, or other causes. Our Phenix mobile AC Dielectric test sets for Aerial lift, Elevated Platform, Boom testing and more, is completed to the WCB REG. PART 19.9,CSA C225-10 Part 5. Ensure the safety of your employees and limit your company's liability by having your equipment tested today.